An exciting future ahead

October 15 2020


The Exeter HR Network was established back in early 2019, to bring together HR Professionals from around the City and surrounding area, providing members with access to expert speakers on a range of key topics, an opportunity to share learning and to meet others in similar roles.


Sarah West Recruitment’s Consultant Lisa, who set up the group, said “I work with a large number of people who are responsible for HR and while there were lots of networking opportunities in the area, there wasn’t anything specific for this group. And there was definitely an appetite for one!”


Over the course of the following 18 months, the group went from strength to strength, growing in numbers, with people joining from some of the area’s leading organisations and from a diverse range of industries including education, charity, SMEs and larger organisations too.


Just like it did for so many others, 2020 unexpectedly gave the Network’s organisers at Sarah West Recruitment the chance to pause and reflect on the format and the needs of the group - and make some changes – for the better.


Lisa said “Doing the meetings face-to-face was obviously no longer an option, so we moved online and went from getting together every other month, to monthly which helped to keep that sense of ‘community’ within the group.”


An added bonus of moving online, was that HR Professionals from outside the Exeter area, who found getting to the face-to-face meetings tricky, were now able to join too and members joined from South Devon, Plymouth and Cornwall.


Whilst always being an important topic for those in HR, the pace of change when it comes to Employment Law, in the last few months, has been lightning speed to say the least! Having up to date, accurate information as things changed and being made aware of others on the horizon – in simple terms – was something the group relied on.


Cue an exciting partnership with Nash & Co Solicitors! Experts in their field, coupled with their base in Plymouth, makes for the perfect combination to support the growth of the Network geographically, and provide members with all they need to know when it comes to employment law.


Lisa said “We’re hugely excited to be joining forces with Nash & Co Solicitors. Not only does it strengthen the expertise that members have access to, it also gives us a chance to make some final changes to the Network to reflect the growth that the we’ve seen over the past few months.”


Over the coming weeks the Sarah West Recruitment and Nash & Co team will be working together behind the scenes to finalise the changes….that you’ll see rolled out over the next few weeks. Exciting times!