Terms & Conditions of your membership

It's important that you know the background information around your membership. We hope this is useful. 

Nature of the membership

The South West HR Network is a social network, facilitating the exchange of useful information and personal contacts. The Network provides its members with the benefits, listed on this page


Members should fill in the correct information when joining the Network. It is their responsibility to keep this information up to date. Should members move jobs, their membership can move with them, provided they provide us with their new contact information. 


By signing up for membership, the member grants the South West HR Network with permission to contact them and send them the following information: 

  • Monthly invites to events

  • Important updates

  • Nash Knowledge magazine

  • Any other important information that is relevant to the community


The South West HR Network shall not sell, rent or give member contact details to 3rd parties. The South West HR Network shall store members' information securely. 


Should a member wish to terminate their membership, this can be done by contacting the South West HR network via email here: info@swhrnetwork.com